EPSU and others renew call on Commission for waiver

EPSU and others renew call on Commission for waiver

(Brussels, 30 June 2021)  EPSU supports joint letter calling on the European Commission and EU Member States to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines with a temporary waiver of the TRIPS Agreement.

A letter, signed by around 200 organisations including EPSU, sets out the compulsive arguments in favour of the waiver and reminds everyone that there can be no talk a fair recovery from the pandemic if swathes of the globe are left without protection.  

Within the EU, Member State legislatures in Spain, France and Italy have been vocal in supporting motions for a waiver at the WTO. Furthermore, the European Parliament recently approved a resolution “calling for support for proactive, constructive, and text-based negotiations for a temporary waiver of the WTO TRIPS Agreement, aiming to enhance global access to affordable COVID19- related medical products and to address global production constraints and supply shortages.”

The European Commission’s alternative proposals to the waiver that were submitted in early June to the WTO are not sufficient and risk delaying even further decisive and concrete actions to ensure timely, equitable global access to vaccines, treatments, diagnostics, and other COVID-19 health technologies and goods.

Please support the actions of EPSU and other signatories and lobby your government to make sure that the EU and Member States engage constructively in negotiations for a TRIPS waiver proposal ensuring the will of European citizens and billions of people around the world is heard and realised.

We use this opportunity to call on you to promote the European Citizens’ Initiative, No profits from the PandemicThis will assist in keeping the pressure on the European Commission and governments.

Joint letter EN - DE - ES - FR

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  • EPSU and others renew call on Commission for waiver