EPSU and ETUC positions on Public Procurement

28 September 2003

EPSU Positions 

- Emergency Resolution of the 6th EPSU General Assembly on Public Procurement, Concessions and Social Standards, April 2000 (English version attached)

- Procurement, bribery and social standards, a position paper written by Dave Hall, director of PSIRU, University of Greenwich and EPSU staff Jan Willem Goudriaan, February 2000

- EPSU position on Commission Interpretative Communication on Concessions under Community Law on Public Contracts XV/B 24 February 1999 - a question of democracy

- Social aspects of Public Procurement (in Dutch) This is an article written for a Dutch procurement newsletter

- How should a social clause look like: paper of UK labour law professor Biran Bercusson taht details a possible content of a social clause in public procurement. A longer background article is available upon request.

- Summary of EPSU Position on Communication of the Commission on Public Procurement in the European Union COM(98) 143, 11 March 1998

ETUC Positions

- ETUC in-depth evaluation of the EP amendments and position (2002)

- ETUC resolution on a regulatory framework for services of general interest and public procurement, December 2000

- ETUC resolution on procurement, December 1998