EPSU and EFBWW support for protests Bulgarian unions

 Podkrepa unions organising a national-wide protest rally on 27th November 2019

(Brussels, 27 November 2019) Bulgarian unions are organising actions and protests to demand the government takes steps to ensure decent living and working conditions for workers and families in the country. Podkrepa unions are organising a national-wide protest rally on 27th November 2019. EPSU and the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) have sent a letter of support.

The rally underlines the rejection of the proposals of the employers. They seek to weaken sick leave protection and to demand workers’ pay for being on sick leave. Bulgaria still needs to build it social protection system as medical checks and medicines are not covered by the National health insurance Fund, not even for children and workers with very low salaries. Trade unions are demanding more funding for education, health prevention, social worker’s remunerations, and to combat energy poverty among citizens. Unions seek changes to the fiscal system to combat the tax injustices and ensure equality. We support the appeal for the provisions of adequate remuneration for overtime work. Together with the EFBWW, EPSU urges the Bulgarian National Assembly and the employers to ensure that workers have decent and fair working conditions. We call upon the Bulgarian government to restore the role of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation (NCTC).

For more information and the joint EPSU and EFBWW letter to the Bulgarian trade union Podkrepa