EPSU adopts Prague Statement – #Breakingwiththepast

EPSU conference Towards a New Gender Contract ”Prague Statement” February 2018

(17 May 2018) The EPSU Executive Committee adopted the Prague statement following our Women’s conference 7-8 February 2018.  The statement sets our commitment to six basic principles of a new gender contract:

  1. Economic independence for women and men.
  2. Equal pay for equal work and work of equal value.
  3. Equality in decision-making.
  4. Dignity, integrity and ending gender violence.
  5. Solidarity and support with and for women beyond the EU.
  6. Integrating a gender perspective into all policy fields.

The statement further commits us to:

  • ensure equal representation in decision-making bodies.
  • help guarantee equal pay for work of equal value through collective bargaining.
  • help eradicate violence against women at the work-place.
  • support adequate work-life balance policies.
  • value women’s equal, independent and reliable contribution to the social and economic development of our societies.

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