EPSU 8th Congress briefing - Public Services and the EU

The Public Services section of our congress will focus on two sections:

1. Our headline resolution, Quality Public Services - Quality of Life

2. Our debate on the European Elections and the role for public services

Item 11) Resolution R.1:”Quality Public Services – Quality of Life” – this resolution calls on EPSU to continue its campaign for EU legislation to protect public services and for an EU Action Programme on ‘quality public services’.

It also calls for the quality public service dimension to be better integrated into EPSU’s sectoral work and social dialogue and for EPSU to work towards more structured cooperation on public service issues with the relevant European trade union federations.

The item will be introduced by the EPSU President, Anne-Marie Perret(pictured).

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, the leader of the European Socialists, will introduce the item on the European Elections with his reaction to the results and this will be followed by a response from EPSU Vice President, Dave Prentice (UNISON, UK).

This will be preceded by a look at the EPSU's Public Service Pledge campaign. This was launched in November 2008 and called on candidates for the 2009 European Elections to demonstrate their commitment to public services by signing the pledge. It was also designed to make public service workers aware of the importance of the election; help them identify candidates who will support public services; provide a platform for those supporters to show how they will continue to support public service issues in the next European Parliament; and ensure a strong progressive agenda for Europe’s public services.