EPSU 8th Congress briefing - Collective bargaining

The Collective Bargaining section of our Congress will focus on:

Item 6) Resolution R.2 “Collective Bargaining and Social Dialogue” –

This sets out the principles and objectives that EPSU affiliates commit to including: ensuring that principles of social justice, trade union and human rights take preference over competition rules and trade in Europe and elsewhere; that global competition is directly effecting public service workers as social dumping undermines the protection afforded by collective agreements; that strong and effective trade unions are essential to collective bargaining; that trade union rights, collective bargaining and social dialogue need to be developed and defended as part of the European social model.

The resolution calls on EPSU and its affiliates to: fight for social justice and respect of trade union and human rights in Europe; campaign to get these principles enshrined as primary law in the EU Treaties; to support action to improve pay and working conditions of public service workers across Europe, and in particular to achieve equal pay between men and women and to tackle low pay by increasing minimum wages; to defend decent public pensions; and to achieve equal treatment at the workplace irrespective of workers' country of origin.

The resolution will be introduced by Tuire Santamaki-Vuori, EPSU Vice-President

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