EPSU 2020 Healthcare Assistant Seminar Report

In February of 2020 EPSU, UNISON and SIPTU presented a seminar for Health Care Assistants which took place in London, UK.

The aims of the seminar were to:

  • Reflect on what are the most urgent priorities in the different member states on Healthcare assistants from a trade union prospective;
  • Facilitate the exchange of good practices among EPSU affiliates involved in HCA in particular on:
    • How to organize HCA workers
    • practices on CB involving HCA workers in different member states
  • Reflect on how EPSU can better support the efforts to organize and represent HCA and their interests

The report from the seminar is available here in the following languages:

Report in EN
Report in FR
Report in DE

Event website page can be viewed here

We hope the information will be useful. The presidential team of the Health and Social Services Standing Committee will meet in the coming weeks to discuss further steps in relation to EPSU’s support for Health Care Assistants