EP elections May 2014 - EPSU briefing

(20 December 2013) The issues at stake in the May 2014 European Parliamentary (EP) elections are of fundamental importance. Citizens must elect Members (MEPs) who will help change the course the EU is taking. The 2009 EP elections had the lowest ever turnout (43 % of the 375 million Europeans entitled to vote) and current disillusion in Europe may lead to an even lower turn-out in 2014. A low turn-out will strengthen the position of right-wing extremist parties in the new EP. The European Parliament will also for the first time have a say in the choice of the European Commission President, as the European Council will have to take into account the results of the European elections in making their proposal. EPSU affiliates should therefore be active in the run-up to the EP elections and: - Encourage everyone to vote - Remind members that there have been successes in this EP period – the EP can make a difference! - Support progressive candidates - Prepare contacts with new MEPs The ETUC adopted a [manifesto for the EP elections->http://www.etuc.org/a/11820] at its meeting in October 2013. This provides a basis for trade union engagement in the elections and to generate publicity and support for the values and principles that are at the heart of the Europe we want. The next EP must support concrete measures that deliver good employment, workers’ rights, and universal access to quality public services. The EP has set up a dedicated [elections’ website->http://www.elections2014.eu/] with information in all EU languages. - EPSU briefing on EP elections May 2014: