Eon EWC update

A meeting of the E.ON Energy Forum took place 17-19 may. This Forum is a subsection of the EWC. It brought together colleagues representing the E.ON Energie Subsidies in Hungary, Czech and Slovak Republic and Netherlands. They discussed the further agenda of this EWC Energy-Forum
and the EWC of E.ON. A particular point of interest were the plans of E.ON to merge their activities in Czech and Slovak Republic and Hungary.
Further plans exist to establish a call centre in the Czecg republic employing 700 workers.

The Group Works Council of E.ON Energie (Konzernbetriebsrat) approved a position supporting the request for the involvment of EPSU coordinator in the EWC activities.

The next meeting of the Energy-Forum will be at 5./6.10. in Munich.

The next ordinary meeting of the EWC E.ON will take place from 24.-26.11. in Düsseldorf. The update is provided by Sven Bergelin, Verdi.