Energy Roadmap 2050 - EPSU Contribution to the Public Consultation

European Commission, DG Energy - ENER.A1, Energy road maps 7 March 2011 Dear Sir, Madame, We have been very disappointed that DG Energy has ignored the social dimension including as defined by the European parliament in its contribution on the strategic energy priorities. DG Energy should be more aware of the Commission’s social policy and agenda. EPSU wishes to make a number of remarks concerning the public consultation on the Energy Roadmaps 2050. - The Roadmaps should include a social dimension – ensuring account is taken of the employment consequences. Respect for Corporate Social Responsibilities, social dialogue, health and safety, the impact of developments on low income users, the integration of social dialogue; we expect initiatives of DG energy to integrate and promote these issues in its energy strategy - The long term attention for skills and qualifications. We have made several contributions and drew attention on several occasions. This has not been taken up. Without a skilled and qualified workforce Europe’s energy future will not be realized. DG energy should take initiatives with the social partners to promote a high level of skills and qualifications for the industry - The energy roadmaps should fully integrate Just Transition principles and the promotion of decent work and quality of work which is part of the Cancun agreement and is promoted by the European Commission. In the [study Towards a low carbon electricity industry: employment effects & opportunities for the social partners->art7356] for the European social partners in the electricity sector EURELECTRIC and EPSU/EMCEF we define the concept. “Just transition can be seen as the transition (or shift) towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy, based on social dialogue between governments, employers and trade unions, in a way that promotes high economic growth and investments in low-carbon technologies while ensuring a smooth social transition through adaptation and mitigation actions as well as through the development of skilling and reskilling programs (or just new skills) and the creation of quality jobs.” (from the study) We look forward to a European energy policy for the long term which takes due account of the social dimension. Yours sincerely, Jan Willem Goudriaan EPSU Deputy General Secretary
- see also [EPSU Contribution to ‘Towards a new Energy Strategy for Europe 2011-2020’ - A Social Chapter->art6606] (15 June 2010)