Electricity social partners consider Memorandum of Understanding Energy Treaty

The European Commission DG Employment was invited to present the state of affairs regarding the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Development of a Social Dimension in the South East European Energy Community. The social partners have underlined their willingness to include representatives of the employers and trade unions of the countries concerned to be part of the sectoral social dialogue committee.

Francois Ziegler of the Commission gave an overview of the text and state of affairs. The Ministers have agreed to sign the MoU at their next meeting in May or June 2007. The text also commits to establish a Social Forum with representatives of unions, employers and governments. It asks the governments to commit to the European social acquis, to the social dialogue and to develop national social action plans with the trade unions.

The MoU meets many of the demands of EPSU and its affiliated unions which have campaigned hard to get this text and have gained the support of the European parliament and Commissioners Piebalgs and Spidla.

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