Electricity Social Partners adopt joint response to Social Strategy of the Energy Community

(15 March 2013) Following proposals of the EPSU trade unions at the last social forum, the Ministers of the Energy Community agreed to conduct a consultation on the future of the social strategy of the Energy community. The European social partners agreed a joint contribution. The main points:
- The Memorandum of Understanding on the Social issues is to remain the backbone, and including the national social working groups, social plans and Social Forum, of the Social energy strategy.
- The binding character should be strengthened and the Energy Community Secretariat provided with more resources to monitor its implementation. The Ministerial Council should work with deadlines similar as with regard to the energy acquis.
- A social dialogue for the region on the basis of the European social dialogue should be promoted by the European Commission and the Energy Community Secretariat. This social dialogue would allow the employers and trade unions, and where required with the governments, to agree basic positions that would guide the development of the social dimension of the energy strategy in the region.

- For the full contribution of the social partners:

- Background on the social strategy of the energy community