Electricity social dialogue: Health & Safety, CSR, Equality, Telework, Skills

The European electricity employers (Eurelectric) and the trade unions met to discuss the follow up to the work programme, 24 October 2005. It prepared the issues for the plenary meeting of the electricity social dialogue committee foreseen for 15 December 2005. The plenary meeting involves the full delegation in both the employers and trade union side and adopts joint texts, statements and agreements. On the agenda:

Health and Safety: the mandate of the working group was approved and will go forward to the plenary of the social dialogue committee 15 December. The employers introduced an overview of a survey on demographic change in the industry. While addressing health and safety and elderly workers, the approach was broader also looking at pensions and longer working hours, recruitment, work organisations etc. The trade union side will reflect on the contribution. It is a horizontal approach and the issues addressed touch many different areas of current work.

Equality: the Steering Committee was agreed of the project to publish a Toolkit on best practice. The waiting is on the approval of the funding of the project.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Following the adoption of criteria for CSR, Eurelectric made a presentation of what companies are doing in the sector in December 2004. It is agreed that a working group will consider this further and prepare a larger workshop for companies and trade unions to discuss this with a broader audience.

Telework: The social partners look forward to the working being done by UNICE and ETUC on the implementation. The electricity sector is covered by agreements in many countries, but not all. The intention is to consider where the gaps are in implementing the intersectoral agreement. Participants reported on negotiations under way in several countries.

Qualifications: The social partners adopted a statement on skills, December 2003. A number of actions were agreed. These were poorly followed up. It is agreed that an implementation action plan will be prepared to be discussed and agreed at the plenary.

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