Electricity employers and unions start mapping of skills, labour market research bodies

(1 March 2012) The electricity sector social partners (Eurelectric for the employers side) have had several discussions on training and skills over the years. They were part of work that has been undertaken on equality, restructuring, demographic change, skills and most recent when addressing [the implications of moving towards a low carbon economy and decarbonised power sector in 2050->art7234]. They have decided to continue this work and a first step is the mapping of the bodies at national and regional level that are engaged in skills, qualifications, labour market research related to the electricity sector. A project is receiving funding from the European Commission and a Steering Committee of representatives of employers and unions has been established. Representatives of the employers (Eurelectric) and the trade unions met to consider the bids that were received on a call for tender. The researchers were invited to make a presentation. They then faced questions from the Steering Committee. Issues considered were: - Methodology of the research - Countries covered and network of the organisations - Expertise of the research teams - Previous work for European social partners. Following intense discussion a decision was made. The meeting took place on 28 February 2012, Brussels. For EPSU, Jan Willem Goudriaan participated.