EC film on the making of directive 2010/32/EU on the prevention of sharps injuries

During summer 2011 DG EMPL produced a video on the elaboration of the Framework Agreement on prevention from sharp injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector concluded by HOSPEEM and EPSU on 17 July 2009.

Based on the procedures stipulated in Art. 154 and 155 2 of the TFEU this autonomous agreement of the European sectoral social partners in the hospital sector on 10 May 2010 became Directive 2010/32/EU.

The video "From needlesticks to sharps - The added value" i.a. contains interviews with Carola Fischbach-Pyttel, General Secretary of EPSU, Godfrey Perera, Secretary General of HOSPEEM, François Ziegler, DG EMPL, Steven Hughes, MEP, and Ana Salegui, a Spanish nurse injured in 1991 and later in Spain becoming a spokesperson for other health workers suffering from a sharps injury.

It has been issued in 2011 in a version with English subtitles. As of February 2012 the film has also become available in all offical EU languages.