Due diligence, restructuring and the revision of the EWC Directive discussed at EPSU EWC and company policy meeting

EPSU Works Council network meeting 6 March 2024, Brussels

(14 March 2024) The EWCs and Company policy network met on the 6th of March 2024 to discuss ongoing EWCs negotiations, best practices, and updates on EWC and company policy legislation.

The meeting started with an update on ongoing EWCs negotiations led by EPSU and open exchange on affiliates’ work in EWCs. A common issue is proper implementation of EWCs agreements. Many undertakings often do not fully respect their obligations.

Stefan Gran from the ETUC gave an update on the ongoing revision of the EWC Directive. The affiliates agreed there is a risk of reducing the rights currently guaranteed. Trilogue negotiations must be monitored. 

Tuscany Bell presented an upcoming ETUFs online restructuring tool, that aims to provide legal basis and avenues of action for the restructuring situation affiliates are facing.

The meeting was concluded on company law issues, with a presentation on the Corporate sustainability reporting directive and the due diligence directive proposal. The affiliates agreed that they need trainings to learn how effectively act in the area.