"Diversity through Equality in Public Administrations in Europe"

“Diversity through Equality in Public Administrations in Europe”
Conference, 17-19 October 2007, Copenhagen

TUNED PRESS RELEASE, 2 October 2007, Brussels

On 17-19 October 2007, EU social partners in the state sector will hold their first joint
conference “Diversity through Equality in Public Administrations in Europe” in
Copenhagen. The conference is hosted by Denmark's State Employer's Authority. It is
organised in close cooperation with the EU network of Directors General for public
administration (EUPAN) and the Trade Unions' National and European Administration
Delegation (TUNED)1. Furthermore, it is the first public event in the framework of the
informal European social dialogue in public administration, as a follow-up to the
EUPAN/TUNED statement on equality and diversity adopted in December 2005.

Some 150 equality experts, civil servants and trade unionists from Europe are expected
to attend.

“As providers of essential services to the citizens and as a major employer in Europe,
central public administrations must reflect the diversity of the society and act as a role
model when it comes to equal opportunities and treatment at the workplace. Through
this conference we hope to make a significant public sector contribution to the European
year of Equal Opportunities for all”
says Peter Waldorff, spokesperson of TUNED (HKStat
President, Denmark).

The aims of the conference are threefold:

• To discuss the challenges on diversity and equality in Europe and the role of the

• To exchange good policies and practices to eliminate discrimination on the grounds
of gender, ethnic origin, disability and sexual orientation at the workplace and in
accessing central public administrations;

• To highlight the importance of social dialogue and collective bargaining at national
and EU levels in achieving equality and diversity.

Conference keynote speakers include amongst others: Rikke Hvilshøj, Danish Minister
of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs, Lisbeth Lollike, Director General, Danish
State Employer's Authority, Peter Waldorff, TUNED spokesperson, Donald H. Oliver,
Senator, Canada, Keir Fitch, Member of Cabinet of European Commission Vice-
President Siim Kallas, Robin Ely, Professor, Harvard Business School, U.S.A., and
Fiona Bartels-Ellis, Head of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, British Council, United

Interpretation will be provided in English, French and German.
The conference is supported by the Danish Department of Gender Equality.

For further information and registration please go to www.diversitythroughequality.dk or contact
Nadja Salson, TUNED coordinator, T +32 2 250 10 88, nsalson@epsu.org.

TUNED - Trade Unions' National and European Administration Delegation

TUNED was set up in 2005 by public sector trade unions affiliated to EPSU, the European Federation of
Public Service Unions, and CESI, the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions.

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