Diversity through Equality in public administrations in Europe

Diversity through Equality in public administrations in Europe

Diversité au travers de l'égalité dans les administrations publiques en Europe

Published October 2007. This publication has been issued with support from the
Department of Gender Equality, Denmark.
Published by the State Employer's Authority, Danish Ministry of Finance


Diversity and equality at work in public administrations in the EU has been a substantial focus point and a sound area for strengthened cooperation between the European Public Administration Network (EUPAN) and the Trade Unions' National and European Administration Delegation (TUNED) since the adoption of a joint statement under the UK Presidency of the EU in December 2005.

Recognising that diversity and equality provide equal benefits for the administrations and the employees in terms of increasing modernisation efforts and improving public services, EUPAN and TUNED are committed to working jointly to further this agenda.

On this basis, the State Employer's Authority, The Danish Ministry of Finance, will host a conference on “Diversity through Equality in Public Administrations in
Europe” in Copenhagen in October 2007. The conference is organised in close cooperation with EUPAN and TUNED and is supported by the Danish Department of Gender Equality.

The aim of the conference is to initiate and further enhance strategic discussions on future challenges to diversity and equal opportunities in Europe. It is also to inspire and motivate the work on the diversity and equality agenda by exchanging experiences and presenting good practices. Additionally, the conference seeks to highlight the importance of social dialogue at EU and national levels to achieve equality and diversity. It is an important contribution to a strengthened European informal social dialogue between EUPAN and TUNED.

As part of the joint work to prepare the conference, national cases and good practices
on diversity and equality initiatives have been collected from European public
administrations and are now presented in this publication.

Thanks to all contributors who have wanted to share their valuable experiences, this
publication will serve as an excellent source of inspiration and motivation for the
ongoing efforts to improve diversity and equality in the public administrations in the



Theme: Diversity in general

Belgium: The national communication campaign “Diversity”

Belgium: Selection tests which are neutral and adapted to disabled persons

Finland: Focus areas and activities in the field of equality and diversity in Finland and in unions

Finland: Cooperation between immigrants and the Vantaa police

Holland: Diversity policy at the dutch tax administration: from Quotas and target group policy to an integral approach

United Kingdom: Workforce monitoring and equality impact assessments

Romania: The open gates day

Spain: Good ways of achieving civil service quality in Spain - Plan Concilia

Sweden: Towards equal opportunities - the organisation at Linköping University

Sweden: FAIR - future adapted inclusive recruitment

Theme: Age

Finland: Finnish age Programmes

Finland: TaxExpert - Age management in taxation, especially the tacit knowledge recognition

France: Abolition of age limits for recruitment to the civil service through competitive exams

France: PACTE, pathway to civil service careers at national and regional level and hospitals

Theme: Disability

Belgium: Adaptation of working stations for disabled persons

Cyprus: Treatment of the disabled

EU Commission: Code of good practice for the employment of people with

Ireland: Willing able mentoring

Germany: Just an ordinary policeman

Theme: Ethnic background

Austria: Vienna's integration and diversity policy

Austria: New management for apprenticeship in the city administration of Vienna

Denmark: Job fair for the recruitment of ethnic minorities

Hungary: National network of roma employment managers

Ireland: Civil service traveller internship programme

Theme: Gender

Denmark: “Women at the top” - a mentor programme for women

EU Commission: Targets for the recruitment and appointment of women to management and other AD level posts in the commission

Germany: Flexible working arrangements in the federal ministry for family affairs, senior citizens, women and youth

Germany: Gender strategy of the Kassel regional commissioner's office

Germany: Mentoring network for women in science and technology

United Kingdom: UK prison equal pay

Sweden: Health, work and gender