Discussing Green Deal with Diederik Samson, Head of Cabinet Timmermans

EPSU General Secretary, IndustriAll-Europe General Secretary L. Triangle, Diederik Samson, FNV - EESC, Brussels, 13 February 2020

(24 February 2020) The Green Deal and the various policies to implement it, was the main topic of a discussion between representatives of Dutch union FNV and Diederik Samson. He is the head of cabinet of European Commission vice-President Frans Timmermans, responsible for coordinating the work around the Green Deal. The Green Deal implies a main streaming of climate change and environmental policies in a whole range of legal and other initiatives. Samson made clear that fairness of the policies, how they impact different communities and groups of workers, will be a dominant theme in the years to come. The FNV group linked the success of the policies on public funding, respect for collective bargaining and social dialogue and criticized the lack of structured trade union representation at the various tables where the Green Deal and its off-shoots are discussed. The EPSU and IndustriAll General Secretaries joined the discussions.

The FNV group consisted of trade union officers in training. It took place on 13 February 2020, Economic and Social Committee, Brussels.