Discussing building power for European public service workers with Slovenian unions

9 and 10 September 2021, Moravske Toplice, Slovenia

(14 September 2021) The Slovenian Confederation KSJS organised a meeting between its affiliates and several European trade union organisations like EPSU. We discussed the work of the European Federation and the challenges for the future. The Slovenian unions expressed their concerns about the deteriorating social dialogue and collective bargaining climate. The government of prime minister Janez Janša is attacking the public press agency Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija. The agency has published critical articles on his government. Now the government has stopped funding the agency and puts workers under pressure. We recall a similar situation in Hungary. The Slovenian unions  have been successful mobilising together against several reforms including of the pension system but proposals might return.

EPSU’s Milos Vlaisavljevic introduced the organizing and recruitment work of EPSU and how unions are collaborating. The EPSU General Secretary addressed the EPSU priorities, the need to build a strong voice to confront possible forthcoming austerity policies and the importance of seeking fundamental change to our economic system, away from profits towards a focus on people and our planet. We considered the impact measures to contain the spread of the corona virus have had, in particular on health and social care.  The negotiations for a pay increase and addressing various other working condition issues for public services have started in Slovenia. The demands of the unions of the different confederations are very justified and EPSU will support the unions in those negotiations.  We met with the leadership of the health and social services, nursing union and others to discuss the work of EPSU in the health and social care sector in more detail.

The meetings took place 9 and 10 September 2021, Moravske Toplice, Slovenia

  • EPSU General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan addresses the EPSU priorities
  • EPSU’s Milos Vlaisavljevic introduced the organising and recruitment work of EPSU