Disappointing European Council on Climate and Energy

(3 November 2014) On 23-24 October the European Council discussed the Climate and Energy package 2030. Targets for reduction of GHG to 40% and for renewables and energy efficiency up to 27% by 2030. However they remain non-binding on Member States, thus doubtful if they will be achieved. Even if achieved, progress is too little looking at the final goal of 80-95% reduction of GHG by 2050. No new national targets have been set and free allocation of emission rights will continue.
No reference is made to employment or just transition.

The council mixes security of supply with functioning of the electricity market, turning a blind eye to the fact that companies operating on the European electricity market are reducing their capacities and closing power plants to increase profitability of the remaining plants, while security of supply demands for increased capacity in Europe.

Attached are the outcome of the European Council and the ETUC resolution so you can compare and see the differences between our Trade Union policy and the European policy. There is a lot of work to be done to reach a real ambitious climate agreement in Paris next year.

- European Council (23 and 24 October 2014): Conclusions on 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework

- The ‘Energy-Climate’ package in Europe for 2020-2030: the ETUC’s priorities for a Just Transition (ETUC position)
Adopted at the ETUC Executive Committee on 21-22 October 2014

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