Call for commitment to national events on
“European Action day on Overcrowding in Prisons” 28 February 2008

On 04 June 2007, the EPSU Executive Committee adopted the EPSU Prison Services
Action Plan. This committed EPSU and its affiliates to organise a Europe Action Day on
28 February on the issue of overcrowding/ understaffing in prison services.

Based on this decision, the EPSU Prisons working group meeting of 14-09 adopted
and released a statement “BRUTAL CONDITIONS HAVE BRUTAL RESULTS”, which
is available here (in English, French and Italian).

EPSU will stage an action/ photo opportunity and press conference in Brussels on 28
February. This will coincide with the meeting of EU Justice and Home Affairs Ministers.
The action will be headed by the EPSU General Secretary Carola Fischbach-Pyttel.

For the Action Day to be truly European we need Events to be staged in as many
national cities as possible
. These can be demonstrations, photo opportunities and
press announcements of support, seminars/ debates on the issue. It is intended that
EPSU material (publication, statistics and campaign image) be used at each of these
events to underline the coordinated nature of the day.

EPSU Secretariat would be very grateful for your support in three ways:

1. Those of you who have not yet done so, please let Nadja or Tamara know by 3
December (new deadline) if you can send (at least) one delegate to Brussels
on 28 February
, so that they can be interviewed by Brussels Press Corps
Representatives from their country. 6 countries have already signalled they will
send delegates to Brussels (Belgium, France, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the UK).

2. Please indicate if you can send (DVD high definition format) existing video
footage of Overcrowded conditions in Prisons
from your country.

3. Please complete the form below to outline the event that you intend to carry
out, and to return this Call for action to

- the form to outline the event that you intend to carry

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