Defending and promoting public services - EPSU/ETUI seminar

EPSU-ETUI Seminar Defending and promoting public services, 4-6 July 2018, Kiljava, Finland

(3 August 2018) Twenty-nine participants from EPSU affiliates in 16 countries met in Kiljava in southern Finland at the beginning of July in a two-and-a-half day seminar on public services and privatisation. The aim of the seminar was to have practical discussions about effective campaigning against privatisation and public-private partnerships and in support of remunicipalisation and other ways of bringing privatised services back in-house.

Participants were able to provide practical experience of the impact of privatisation of a range of services across local government and the utilities - particularly water. In the debates around remunicipalisation there were presentations from Unni Bjerregard Moe of the Fagforbundet public service union in Norway and Satoko Kishimoto of the Transnational Institute (TNI).

Unni explained the union's strategy around remunicipalisation and described the major successes it had had in returning many waste services to public ownership and management. Satoko set out the TNI's work around remunicipalisation, including the major report and survey that it had published in 2017 and its plans for further work in this area.

Focusing on follow-up work after the seminar, Danny Bertossa of Public Services International demonstrated how its new website ( would work and he encouraged participants to explore it and feed it with information on their campaigning and research.


- Privatisation and PPPs – the EU perspective - presentation by Richard Pond, EPSU
- the EUROPEAN TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION & the ETUI - presentation by Luciole Sauviat, ETUI
- People over profit - presentation by Daniel Bertossa, PSI
- Insourcing services in the municipality - presentation by Unni Bjerregaard Moe, Fagforbundet NUMGE Norway
- Reclaiming Public Services - presentation by Satoko Kishimoto, Transnational Institute TNI
- Privatizaciones en las Instituciones Penitenciarias Españolas - presentation by Alberto Tellez, ACAIP-USO Spain
- Water-Bulgaria - presentation by Desislava Yaneva, FCIW CL
- PPPs Moldova - presentation by Igor Zubcu, SANATATEA

- Group work - re-municipalisation - Social+Care
- Group work - local government EN
- Group work - re-municipalisation - Water FR

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