Czech Presidency visits EPSU – challenges for health and care

Czech Deputy Minister of Health Mr Pavlovic with EPSU GS JW Goudriaan and A Rogalewski Health Policy, 12 October, Brussels

Czech Deputy Minister of Health Mr Pavlovic with EPSU General Secretary J.W. Goudriaan and A. Rogalewski Health Policy, 12 October, Brussels

(13 October 2022) The Deputy Minister for Health, Mr. Josef Pavlovič met EPSU to discuss issues like staffing shortages and the need for more urgency to address this at European Commission level. The Deputy Minister agreed that staffing shortages across health and care services is a big problem for many countries. EPSU stressed not enough is done. The Commission has still not met the European employers and unions for health care for example. A comprehensive approach is necessary. This includes stable financing for more staff and pay and conditions, training and continuous professional development, changes to health systems where appropriate. These need to involve the professionals and all those working in health and in care.

We considered a range of other files like the EU Health Data Space, EU care strategy and discussed a number of interesting developments in Czechia like the role for the ombudsman for patients, something other countries have and is now implemented further.

The meeting took place 12 October 2022 in the EPSU office. EPSU was represented by the EPSU General Secretary and Adam Rogalewski responsible for health and social services in EPSU.

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