COVID-19 – keeping informed

There is a number of websites that provide useful information and guidance on responses to the COVID-19 coronavirus. These include the World Health Organisation (WHO), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and various web pages of the European Commission. Below we provide links to the most relevant sections.

Health and safety for health workers

This section of the WHO website contains resources relating to the protection of health workers and emergency responders. It includes links to key occupational safety and health recommendations in healthcare in light of the outbreak as well as specific recommendations on the responsible use of personal protective equipment and risk assessment and management for health workers.

Ensuring health systems are prepared

This section of the ECDC website focuses on public health emergency preparedness. It provides useful guidance on contingency planning for healthcare services as well as infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities. The ECDC also provides links to the relevant sections of national ministry websites.

The response at EU level

The website of the European Commission lays out the key response mechanisms of the EU, such as the Early Warning and Response System (EWRS), the Health Security Committee (HSC) and the HSC Communicators' network (ComNet). The focus lies on cooperation, rapid exchange of information, swift monitoring and coordination of preparedness and response measures to COVID-19, but also joint procurement of personal protective equipment.

Dealing with the economic impact 

The European Commission also website focuses on the economic repercussions of this health emergency, such as the Corona Response Investment Initiative, but also specific measures aimed at transport and tourism. In a similar vein, the European Central Bank lays out the economic relief measures centred on the Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP) amounting to 750 billion euro.