Contributions to the EPSU Energy Conference

EPSU European Energy Conference Understanding European Policy on Internal Market Electricity and Gas Preparing for the European Evaluation of the Internal Market(*) OPTIONS FOR THE FUTURE {International Trade Union House, 5 Boulevard du Roi Albert II, Brussels 09h00-16h30}
{For more information on [European integration and the education work of EPSU read here->art1564]} {{Day 1: Thursday, 3 November 2005}} {{{Opening/ Welcome/ Objectives}}} President of the EPSU Standing Committee Public Utilities, {{Sven Bergelin, Ver.di, Germany}} {{{Internal market for electricity and gas: what the Commission is doing?}}} {{William Webster, European Commission Directorate General Transport and Energy}}

{{{Internal market for electricity and gas: a critical view}}} {{Steve Thomas, PSIRU, University of Greenwich}}

See also his [report on the European Union Gas and Electricity Directives->art1519]
{{{Key note speech}}} {{Claude Turmes, MEP}} {{{Reactions and Debate/ Panel I}}} Moderator: {{Sven Bergelin, Ver.di, Germany}} {{{Reactions and Debate/ Panel II Our social Partners}}} Moderator: {{Jan Ruden, SEKO, Sweden}} {{Paul Buteel, Eurelectric General Secretary}}

{{Jean-Marie Devos, Eurogas General Secretary}} presentation upon request at [>] {{Juha Kekkonen, ETSO}}, Executive Vice President at Fingrid (Finland) and member of ETSO Steering Committee

{{{Reactions and Debate III}}} Moderator: {{Reszo Gal, VDSZSZ, Hungary}} {{Gert De Block, CEDEC}}, European municipal distribution companies

{{Beatrice Widmer, VKU}}, German municipal companies association

{{{Regulators}}} {{Carl Wood, former Commissioner of the CPUC (California)}} {{Jacques Andres Troesch, Commissioner of CRE}}, French regulator

{{Pierre Bornard, ETSO}}, Managing Director Power System Division RTE (France) and Chairman of ETSO Steering Committee

{{{Summary of discussion}}} {{Steve Thomas, PSIRU}}, University of Greenwich {{{Conclusions}}} End of the 1st day
{{Day 2: Friday, 4 November 2005}} Moderator: {{Claude Pommery, FNME-CGT, France}} {{{Consumers and TSOs: the steps to take}}} {{Marcel Bial, UCTE General Secretary}}

{{Jean-Paul Aghetti, Chair of Working Group electricity, IFIEC-Europe}}

{{{Views from the academic world on the internal market}}} {{Yannick Perez, professor economics, Paris}}

{{Ferdinand Banks, Professor marco-economics, Stockholm}}

{{Gunda Kirchner, researcher Austrian Arbeitkammer, Vienna}}

{{{The future of the Internal market for electricity and gas - Options for the future}}} {{Jan Willem Goudriaan, EPSU Deputy General Secretary}}

See also the [EPSU Contribution to the Progress Report on the Internal Market for Electricity and Gas->art1503]
{{{Debate on different interventions with the participants}}} {{Mrs. Britta Thomsen, MEP, vice-president of the EP Committee on Industry, Technology, Research and Energy}} {{{Closing address}}} {{Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, European Commission for Energy}}

{{{Conclusions}}} End of Conference - Final programme

- List of participants

(*)with the support of the European Commission {{{Other interventions}}} INTERVENTO di Carlo DE MASI (Segretario Generale FLAEI-CISL Italia)