Commission proposal for a revision of the EWC Directive: EPSU expectations

Revision of the EWC Directive

(23 January 2024) After a delay, the European Commission is expected to publish its proposal for a revision of the European Works Council Directive tomorrow, 24 January. This is long overdue. In the rapidly changing European labour market, the current rules from the 2009 Directive are not fit for purpose.

The need to revise the EWC Directive was recognised by the European Parliament, which adopted by a large majority a resolution calling for the revision of the 2009 Directive to strengthen EWC rights and enable workers to effectively exercise their information and consultation rights.

To protect workers, businesses and EU values in the face of decarbonisation, digitalisation and cost of living crisis, the revised Directive must make improvements in relation to the following four areas: 

  • Enforcement and access to justice.
  • Clear definitions of key EWC rights.
  • Strengthening the role of the Trade Union expert.
  • Sanctions for companies which do not respect the rules.


For background the Position of the European parliament

For the position of the ETUC