Clariane (formerly Korian) reaffirms its commitment to work with European Work Council and trade unions in the period of restructuring

Clariane reaffirms commitment

(1 December 2023) During the plenary meeting of the European Society Works Council (ESWC) on the 23 November with the participation of a EPSU representative the council together with the Group Management Board issued a joint statement on the current economic situation of the company in relation to working conditions and quality of care. Following the press release from 14 November the company had to approve “a four-part plan of 1.5 billion euros to rapidly restore its access to financing in the short-term and strengthen the Group's financial structure […]”.

The statement underlines the company’s commitment to preserve jobs in order to deliver high quality care. Furthermore, it builds on the previous agreement signed with EPSU: European Charter for Social Dialogue it states that: “the ESWC and national representative bodies will be consulted” which allows the ESWC “to verify the conditions of the divestments and express its opinions to be taken into account.”

The statement goes on by stressing that :

In all circumstances, the ESWC and the Clariane Group Management Board jointly reaffirm that they will not accept any compromise with quality of care and service provided to residents as well as working conditions for the Clariane employees.

The Group Management Board and the ESWC agree that the ESWC will have access to expertise of its choice in accordance with the provisions of the ESWC agreement with a view to assessing the company's projects and so that the ESWC's opinions can be taken into account.

EPSU as in case of other European Works Councils in the Health and Social Care, will be closely following developments to ensure implementation of the EU legislation on access to information and consultation.