Civil society urges World Bank to end support for public-private partnerships (PPPs)

civil society demands to World Bank re PPPs

(9 January 2020) EPSU, Eurodad and more than  30 other civil society organisations have called on the World Bank (WB) European Executive Directors to stop promoting public-private partnerships (PPPs).

In an open letter published on 8 January,  the signatories point out that European Executive Directors  "bear a particular responsibility to ensure that the PPP model, that has proved so problematic in Europe and other countries from the global north, is not exported to other countries."

Specifically, EPSU, Eurodad and  other organisations urge the Directors to work towards ensuring  that the World Bank:

  • Develops in an open manner the necessary tools to assess thoroughly private versus public options for financing and delivery of public goods and services, including considerations around development additionality, equity, human rights and value for money.
  • Stops promoting and financing market-oriented PPPs in the education sector and focuses on expanding quality public schooling as a human right for all.
  • Stops promoting market-based approaches to reach Universal Health Coverage. Instead, the WB should work with countries to strengthen national health systems that are publicly financed and delivered, which has proven to be key in addressing socio-economic and gender inequalities in healthcare access.

The letter draws attention to the growing evidence of the failure of PPPs to provide value for money for the public as well as recent  critical assessments from national auditors and the  European Court of Auditors (ECA).

EPSU is asking affiliates to raise the issues in the letter with relevant national Directors.

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