Citizens of Thessaloniki prepare for referendum on water

(9 May 2014) On May 18th, coinciding with the first round of the local elections, the citizens of Thessaloniki have organized themselves a popular referendum to give the chance to the people to express their opinion on the sale of the local publicly owned water company EYATH. The campaign SOS te Nero, in which the local water union plays a key role, has been mobilizing for this referendum since it was decided on February 17th in an Assembly as the European Parliament was debating the ECI right2water. The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) is helping to build an international delegation to observe the referendum as well as supporting actions of some of its affiliates that are already organizing actions on May 15th which will be a European day of action in solidarity with the water referendum. - [Read our press release->] - [read our previous article->] - See the call for a protest in Paris:
- Solidarity letter from UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis for the popular referendum on water privatisation on 18 May
- EPSU affiliated union STAL (Portugal) sent a solidarity statement to George Archontopoulos, President of Eyath workers union and member of SOSte to Nero coalition and to the Embassy of Greece in Lisbon.