CGIL proposals for reform of health care professions in Italy ... and related EU-level processes

(Brussels, 6 July 2011) EPSU contributed to a conference organized by Funzione Pubblica CGIL on 10 June 2011 in Rome. The event served to discuss CGIL proposals on how to improve the competencies of health care workers and the quality of health services when revising the system of professional training and continued professional development for the health professions. EPSU’s contribution focused on explaining the process, core issues and main challenges linked to the on-going revision of the Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications. EPSU also discussed various aspects of the EPSU reply to the first round consultation with the about 80 participants, amongst them representatives of various professional associations of health care professionals (including nurses, midwives and doctors), trade union members, patients’ and consumer associations, local and regional authorities and the Italian Ministry of Health.
The photo shows (f.l.t.r) Rossana Dettori, National Secretary General FP CGIL, Fabrizio Rossetti, National Coordinator for Health Services/Issues, FP CGIL, the interpreter and Mathias Maucher, Policy Officer Health and Social Services, EPSU
In March 2011 EPSU had elaborated a contribution based on input (mostly individual contributions by our affiliates) from about 10 affiliates from 8 countries, see [EPSU position on cross-border recognition of professional qualifications->art7448] and later a joint contribution with HOSPEEM, the European social partner in the hospital sector. Joint EPSU-HOSPEEM contribution
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For those who want to read more, please have a look into the concept paper and selected presentations (all in Italian language)
Professioni sanitarie: l’analisi e le proposte della FP CGIL
Gianluca Mezzadri (FP CGIL): La salute bene commune: Professioni sanitarie: competenze e qualità al servizio dei cittadini: L’analisi e le proposte della Funzione Pubblica CGIL
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