Central-Asian constituency meets and addresses situation in the region

EPSU Central Asia constituency meeting June 2022

(29 June 2022) The unions were briefed about the results of the discussions in the international labour conference and the committee on the application of standards regarding the situation in Kazakhstan. The country was criticised in the past and again in the ILC. The government should stop the harassment of trade union leaders and members. It should refrain from favouring particular trade unions. The country should make progress regarding the law on registration of unions allowing for independent trade unions. The government has started this discussion and the unions are now involved.

We further discussed the war in Ukraine and its impact in Central-Asian countries. The General Secretary informed the unions of the decisions that were taken regarding the Russian unions in the May Executive Committee. The unions condemned the war. The unions do think it is important to remain in contact and splitting the union movement is not a good thing.  As trade union movement we should support security and peace and work for social progress and social justice. Unions have sent solidarity assistance to workers and people in Ukraine.

Artem Tidva presented the work of the EPSU organising team and how it can assist unions seeking to grow the number of members and build strong unions and workers’ power.  We further looked at a series of upcoming events including a health meeting of EPSU and ILO ACTRAV in Batumi Georgia and the Pan-European Conference 24 October.

The group confirmed the nomination of Bakytzhan Tazhibay as substitute member to the PSI Executive Board.

The meeting initially foreseen for 1 March was postponed due to the start of the war in Ukraine, 24 February. Representatives of the affiliates in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan met online 28 June 2022.

For the report of the Committee of Application of Standards of the ILO p.31-35 refer to Kazakhstan.  Related is the ITUC Global Rights index 

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