Calling Notice for action on World Water Day

Attention: news editors Attention: Photo editors Subject: World Water Day Venue: Rond Pont Schuman, Brussels Date and Time: 11.00am 22 March
{{Calling Notice for action on World Water Day}}
Action: Human chain between the offices of AQUAFED (Federation of private water companies) and the Berlaymont (European Commission headquarters) and Justus Lipsius (Council of Ministers building) {(Brussels, 6 March 2006)} The European Federation of Public Service Unions, EPSU, in conjunction with Belgian public service trade unions of CGSP-FGTB and CSC services publics, NGO 11.11.11 - the Umbrella for the Flemish North-South movement, Protos, Oxfam Solidarity, the Belgian Association for World Water contract and Attac will organise a highly visual action on World Water Day, 22 March. The action will consist of a human chain of 500 people between the offices of AQUAFED (Federation of Private Water Companies) and the European Commission headquarters and Council building. {{AIM}}: The aim of the action will be to highlight the close proximity, physically, ideologically, and strategically, between CORPORATE INTERESTS in the Water sector and EUROPEAN DECISION MAKERS. {{DESCRIPTION}}: The action will involve a human chain between the two points, with {{buckets of water}} being passed person to person from the steps of the European Commission headquarters to the steps of the AQUAFED offices and {{buckets of money}} being passed in the other direction. The visual message will be that there is neither democratic transparency nor public debate about the privatisation of the water sector, within the EU agenda and on a global scale. ‘Belgian and European politicians will be present to interrupt the chain with the slogan “Our water is not for sale', and “Water a human right” {{For news editors:}} This action linked to the following themes: -* World Water Day (22 March) -* The Services Directive (The Water sector has still not been excluded from the scope of the directive) -* The lack of public transparency regarding EU water policy -* GATS (lack of scrutiny of EU ambassadorial role in GATS regarding the water sector) -* General Interest story on the lack of transparency regarding ‘lobbying in the EU', with emphasis on the role of AQUAFED in influencing EU policy making in the water sector. For Photo Editors -* The human chain will be in place at Rond Pont Schuman from 11.00 am to 11.30 am. -* Participants will be holding banners and placards outside the AQUAFED offices highlighting the presence of the organisation. -* The chain of water and money buckets will be in motion from 11.00-11.30. -* Speeches will follow podium (same location) from 11.30 -12.00. {{Practical details}} Starting time {{11.00 Rond Point Schuman.}} If you want to arrange interviews with EPSU leadership, 11.11 or with other participating groups, please call EPSU press officer {{Brian Synnott, + 32 474 98 96 75 or Marc Maes, +32 497 600 422}} {{For information please contact Jan Willem Goudriaan or Brian Synnott, + 32 2 2501080 or send an email to Marc Maes, 11.11.11- Umbrella for the Flemish North-South movement, e-mail:, GSM: +32 497 600 442}} {{For more information on EPSU's work on water: [>] For more information on the work of 11.11: [>]}}