On 2-3 June these Ministers Will decide your working hours without your consent...Will you let them?
The Employment and Social Affairs Council of Ministers will hold a meeting on 2-3 June to decide the future direction of the working time directive.
The EU member states represented by the SEVEN Ministers pictured have formed a cynical alliance to block the will of the European Parliament.
Will you let them? CLICK ON THE AUTOMATIC E-MAIL for the Minister in your country and send them your opinion!

Sent an e-mail to the Ministers from Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg and Poland click here

Sent an e-mail to the Ministers from Malta, Slovakia and United kingdom click here

EPSU affiliates from Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom, send your Ministers to Luxembourg with a message - "do the right thing". Let them know that you EXPECT them to respect the European Parliament position.

This E-MAIL lets each Minister know that they will be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their decision. EPSU affiliates and the millions of public service workers whom we represent, are tired of decisions being taken surreptitiously in Council Meetings where no one is accountable, and then individual ministers flying home and saying it wasn't me, it was Brussels. On the working time issue the mandate of the European Parliament is too clear to let them ignore democracy again.

On Wednesday 11 May, the European Parliament sent a clear message on behalf of European citizens that there must be a balanced approach to working hour arrangements. By a stunning absolute majority (378 votes to 262) the Parliament voted to end the individual opt-out. The Parliament voted also by an absolute majority to adopt the compromise CERCAS report on Working Time.

The Seven Ministers pictured represent the vanguard of EU Governments who are set to ignore this clarion call from the only directly elected EU institution for fair working hours for EU citizens. Under pressure from aggressive Employers' lobbies and European Commission propaganda, these Ministers aim to form a BLOCKING MINORITY in the 2-3 June Council meeting. They are attempting to weaken our resolve by spuriously linking working hour arrangements to unemployment levels in EU Member States. In an attempt to win this argument that are ignoring one of their own golden rules - productivity not hours worked is the key.

Working Time Facts
United Kingdom - EVERY SINGLE Labour MEP defied the UK Government and voted to end the individual opt-out.
Germany - The German Government is voting no to ending the opt-out out because it thinks it has a 'deal' with the UK on temporary agency workers
more to follow