Call for Tenders: Research on evolving jobs, skills, and training needs in the social services sector

Social employers call for tender

The Social Employers and EPSU are looking for a researcher/research team to produce a study on the evolving jobs, skills and training needs in the social services sector and the role of social partners in managing such changes.

The research will be contracted in the framework of FORTE (101051751), a project that aims to build capacity for effective social dialogue structures in the social services sector at national and European level.

The research should focus on care workers delivering day to day frontline support to vulnerable persons. It should examine the following main topics:

  1. Evolution of social services jobs in EU countries
  • a. Evolving needs of service users and new models of care, e.g., the shift from residential care to home- and community-based services, according to the principles of UNCRPD and comparable texts.
  • b. Changes linked to the uptake of digital tools and technologies, e.g., work processes and workload.
  1. Impact of the evolution of jobs on skills needs (which ones) and ways to acquire new skills (training, new form of management, and other ways)
  2. Role of social dialogue in handling changing jobs, skills and training needs.

Deadline for application: 04/11/2022 23:59 CET

The Call for Tenders is available here.