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Tender Specifications for video work in relation to the project: Strengthening trade union rights and universal application of labour law across the public services

Date of publication on the EPSU website: 24/2/2021

Deadline for submissions 24/3/2021

To be sent to:   


In order to ensure a large visibility to this tender, EPSU will publish it in its web site.

ESPU will keep this tender online for 30 days.

  1. Background

The three European trade union federations representing public service workers, police and military personnel (EPSU, EuroCOP and EUROMIL) are running a two-year, European Commission-funded project that will look at the challenges to protect and improve worker and trade union rights to organise, negotiate and take industrial action. This is to address particularly the fact that many affiliates at national level are denied these rights or face severe restrictions on exercising them.

Along with background research, the project will involve six online events and a final conference. There will be an online launch conference in May 2021 and then five online seminars running in alternate months from September 2021 to May 2022. The final project conference is planned to take place in Northern Macedonia in September 2022.

  1. Purpose of the contract

The main aim of this contract is to produce video material illustrating the key debates and issues highlighted during the project events and helping to promote the main messages from the project which will feature in the conclusions of the project report that will be carried out by researchers.

3. Tasks to be performed by the Contractor

The contractor will be expected to participate in the seven project events. In consultation with project partners, the contractor will select key speakers and compile short videos to reflect the main issues of debate at each event. The exact number and length of the videos will be agreed with the contractor with a view to how best to bring out the main messages and reflecting an appropriate balance across the different sectors and countries covered in the project.

4. Timetable

The project runs from January 2021 to December 2022. The first event will be an online launch conference in May 2021, followed by online seminars where participants from the three trade union federations will be invited according to a broadly regional division of countries. These will take place September and November 2021 and January, March and May 2022, with a final conference in September 2022.

The contractor will meet online with representatives of the three federations in April 2021 to discuss the aims of the project and the number, content and timings of the video outputs. Further online meetings will be organised at appropriate times to discuss progress.


1. Expertise required

The contractor will be expected to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of video production including subtitle insertion
  • Experience of producing short effective videos to present key conference conclusions
  • Experience of producing video with specific requirements and script in English
  • Experience of working to strict deadlines

2. Selection criteria

The contractor will be selected on the basis of the clear evidence they provide of how they meet the 4 criteria listed under expertise required (above).

3. Award criteria

The contract will be awarded to the tenderer whose offer represents the best value for money, taking into account the 4 selection criteria. It should be noted that the contract will not be awarded to a tenderer who receives less than 70% on the Award Criteria.

4. Content of the bids

The tenderer will ensure that their bid clearly identifies how they meet the selection criteria, ideally by indicating their knowledge and expertise under each of the relevant headings. It would also be useful to see examples of previous work that demonstrates their ability to produce this kind of outcomes/videos.

5. Presentation of the bids

The deadline for bids is 24 March 2021

6. Fees

The fee is €11000 inc. VAT (excluding travel and accommodation expenses that are covered by another project budget line).

Applications should be sent to EPSU, Mounia Boudhan,  

With the support of the European Commission 

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