Call for tender: Research Report on Gender-sensitive Health Services

call for tender

(11 February 2021) EPSU is the European trade union federation representing workers in the public services – health and social services; local, regional and national government and European administration; and energy, waste and water. It has affiliates in 50 countries and just under 70% of its individual members are women. EPSU has an active Women and Gender Equality Committee which wants to commission a report that addresses the question of gender-sensitive health services.

The report should explain what gender-sensitive health services are, why they are important and how they can be (better) delivered. It should highlight that the universal right to health is only really universal if we offer services for all and make sure they take account of the specific needs of women.

The report should be around 8000 words and include policy recommendations targeted at trade unions, national health authorities and the EU institutions. The report should include an executive summary which, along with the recommendations, will be published as a separate four-page briefing.  

The main sections should cover:

  1. definition of gender-sensitive healthcare and questioning of the notion of there being “neutral” health provision, when it is effectively defined by a dominant male perspective
  2. gender health needs across the life cycle, underlining the fact that while pregnancy and abortion services are vital, they are far from the whole story
  3. education and stigma, addressing the fact that gender medicine has not yet been fully taken on board and the need for education of young girls in particular and action to address menstruation taboos and cancer prevention
  4. challenges to universality and accessibility, problems with extent of coverage of public healthcare and need to ensure access regardless of legal/economic states, need to prevent/reverse privatization
  5. ensuring staffing levels and appropriately trained healthcare staff to deliver gender-sensitive services

The first draft should be delivered by 30 June and final version and the four-page summary should be delivered by the beginning of September 2021. The budget is EUR 7500.

The researcher(s) contracted to produce the report will meet with the EPSU secretariat in the second half of March to discuss and confirm the content.

If you are interested in this research please email Paola Panzeri ( by 31 March indicating your experience in writing on gender and health issues and any work with trade unions.