Call for Tender

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(12 February 2024) Tender specification:
To provide research on trends in the multinational care companies, Dibber and Domus Vi


Social care, particularly care of the elderly, is a growing sector across Europe with an increasing role for the private sector. Some companies have grown extremely quickly to develop from medium-sized national providers to major European multinational companies. EPSU is targeting major companies in the sector to build company networks as a first step towards establishing European works councils. EPSU has run two successful two-year projects in 2017-18 and 2020-21 that lead to the setting up of company networks and initial steps towards setting up European works councils in the French and Norwegian care multinationals Orpea, Clariane (formerly Korian), Colisée and Norlandia. EPSU has now secured new funding from the European Commission for a similar project that will focus on two other multinationals, Dibber (headquarters in Norway) and Domus Vi (headquarters in France).

Main tasks

The research for this project will provide information to support EPSU affiliates in developing company networks in these two companies. It will focus on range of corporate issues, including:

  • trends in company turnover, profits, property and other investments
  • main subsidiaries and countries in which they operate (mainly in Europe)
  • employment – geographical distribution
  • number of beds/facilities – number of patients/residents/children and relevant employee ratios – including percentage of beds that need to be occupied in order to stay solvent.
  • recent mergers and acquisitions
  • strategies for future growth
  • data should ideally be presented to show key trends over at least the last five years

It will be very important for the material to be presented in a clear and understandable way and that any technical terms, particularly related to financial data, should be explained and interpreted.

It is expected that the budget will allow the contractors to make use, where appropriate of online research and databases to get more detail on the companies and, in particular, provide comparisons with other companies operating in their sectors.

The research will be presented in two company briefings (maximum 10 pages of text each but allowing for additional space depending on use of charts and tables), the first drafts of which will be presented to the project launch conference (foreseen for September 2024). Further input and revisions will be discussed at the company network meetings in late 2024 and early 2025 and the final conference (foreseen for September 2025).

Any travel and accommodation costs for participation in these meeting will be covered from the project budget and not from the specific funding for this work.

The maximum funding for this work is EUR 15.000 (all taxes and charges included).

The contractor(s) will be selected on the basis of meeting the following criteria:

  • Experience in company research and analysing sector trends
  • Knowledge of the social services sector across Europe
  • Experience of writing accessible reports on financial and technical issues for a primarily trade union and/or non-expert readership
  • Experience of presenting research to international meetings

The bids should set out clearly under specific headings how the contractor meets each of the five selection criteria. The bids should be submitted to EPSU, Tuscany Bell ([email protected]) and Samantha Howe ([email protected]), within the 30-day deadline starting from the date the tender first appears on the EPSU website (12 February 2024).

With the support of the European Commission