Call for Tender

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CALL FOR TENDER: Organisational and technical support for EPSU Congress 2024

Tender specifications for support with technical equipment for audio, video, social media, social events and display of materials.

Date of publication on the EPSU website:


Deadline for submissions 05/10/2023

To be sent to: [email protected]   


The work is part of organisational and technical support for the EPSU Congress in 2024 in Bucharest and it aims to help EPSU staff with the technical audiovisual aspect of the organisation as well as the general outlook of the congress in the House of Parliament as the venue does not provide a provider for the issues described below. This is an international, multilingual trade union event that occurs every 5 years. The dates are the following 18, 19 and 20th June 2024. The setting up should be the day before and the dismantle after the event. More info Congress 2024 | EPSU

Purpose of the contract

  • Provide and run the needed audiovisual materials (as specified below)
  • Setting up and dismantling Congress equipment like chairs, tables…)
  • Run the technical equipment
  • Help the EPSU team with a number of tasks prior, during and after congress. See below for specifications.

Tasks to be performed.

Main Hall


  • Stage 12 metres x 4meters (setting up day before and dismantle day after)  
  • Around 600 seats and 86 tables (7 people per table) (setting up day before and dismantle day after).
  • Printing of two banners to hang (approx. measures 5 meters long and 3 meters wide) and hanging considering the measures of the venue (setting up day before and dismantle day after)

Lectern (decorated), micro static, 2 walking mics, tables for podium (top table: 5/6 seats), 4 headphone mics, LCD screens (3) for presidential table and speaker with timer. Main screen (7m x 3.9 meters) LED screen (setting up day before and dismantle day after) with system for insertion of speakers and as a source of image to congress.  One side of stage stairs and the other a ramp.

4 comfortable chairs and 2 coffee tables and some wall division (as a waiting room). (Setting up day before and dismantle day after)  

Audio visual
1 fix camera (on speaker), 1 moving camera and a 3rd camera (to be decided). Sound system and lights for the room to be dim and light up (stage and hall), (setting up day before and dismantle day after)  

Other Halls


  • 6 LCD screen connected to the main video relays in each room (2 secretariat, 1 volunteers’ room, 2 Coffee Hall, 1 Stand Hall). (Setting up and dismantle).
  • 1 LCD screen at the entry with running videos and a congress programme.
  • 3 Static stand for information (screens) (setting up day before and dismantle day after)  
  • Wifi booster and internet connexion for 2 lines for 600 congress delegates and 50 EPSU staff
  • Electricity connections: to all rooms for needs to be discussed, hidden cables and 10 charging stations in Main Hall. (The venue provides the triphasic entrances).

Hall 2 (stands)

  • 10 exhibition stands (with chairs per stand).
  • 3 workstations with two connected printers (connected to wifi). 10 armchairs + coffee tables. Dividing walls (to be agreed with contractor).
    Printers = Copy machine/printer, large capacity / staple / recto-verso
  • Carpet for a room (dimensions to be discussed) (setting up day before and dismantle day after)  
  • Photo booth with LED wall

Secretariat and Volunteers room [adjacent Halls]

  • 6 complete workstations (several computers, printers, keyboards) (2 with plugged broadband or similar), 1 fast printer connected to workstations (= Copy machine/fast printer, large capacity / staple / recto-verso), 2 normal printers. Possibility printers to be connected to cloud
  • 1 fridge for drinks, 1 coffee machine and other for refreshments (for both secretariat and volunteers)
  • Diving walls (to be discussed) and a set of sofas- comfy chairs. (Setting up day before and dismantle day after)  

Provide an insurance company for the event and material.

Develop an app for the registration to lunches and meals (compatible with android and iphone) for delegates and visitors.

Labour involved.

  • 5 set up and dismantling technicians 2 days
  • 1 sound engineering 4 days
  • 1 audio visual technician 4 days
  • 1 vision mix technician 4 days
  • 1 LED technician 3 days
  • 2 camera operators 3 days
  • 1 extra support technicians
  • 3 handy men (assistants for stage) 3 days
  • 1 rigger 3 days
  • 1 project manager 15 days      

Expertise Required

The contractor will need to demonstrate expertise in setting up and running similar events. Knowledge of trade unions and their values, capacity to work in English and Romanian. Experience organising events and track record with the House of Parliament in Bucharest.


The aim is to interview candidates in Bucharest in the week of October from 23-29 October so the provider can start preparations for November. With other follow up meetings in December, February and April.

Selection criteria

The contractor will be selected on the basis of clear capacity to provide the needs of EPSU.

Award criteria

The contract will be awarded on the basis of the best value for money and the quality of the material provided for the audiovisual and the labour need it.


The price will have to be within the budget of the EPSU congress and the payment will be done in instalments of 10%, with the signing of contract, 45% 2 months before and 45% a month after the event. For more information contact [email protected]

Presentation of bids

The bids are open from the publication of this offer for 5 weeks. They should be submitted to Mounia Boudhan ([email protected]) until October 5th.