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CALL FOR TENDER: Subcontracting for external expertise

Tender Specifications for organizing, recording and producing subtitles and a short report of the webinar

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Deadline for submissions 26/03/2020

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EPSU and CEMR will publish this tender on their websites and will keep it online until 26 March 2020.

  1. Background

The work is part of a project seeking support from the European Commission under budget line introduced by EPSU (European Federation of Public Service Unions) and its partner CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions).

The contract will be executed as part of a project built on the reflection over the first 15 years of Sectoral Social Dialogue in Local and Regional Governments carried out in 2019 by the Social Partners and on the follow up on the successes of the previous joint projects. It aims to, on one hand, further disseminate and promote at local level what the European sectoral social dialogue is and what has been achieved so far and, on the other hand, strengthen or create a bridge between the EU social dialogue and social dialogue at local level.

The project will be implemented via an opening webinar, three national workshops in France, Sweden and Spain and a final dissemination and networking event in Brussels. Each national seminar will analyse a Social Dialogue product, namely a set of guidelines each.

The three sets of guidelines that will be the “multi-sectoral guidelines to tackle third-party violence and harassment related to work” (2010), the “revised CEMR - EPSU guidelines to drawing up gender equality action plans in local and regional government” (2017) and the “Revised joint guidelines, migration and strengthening anti-discrimination in local and regional governments” (2015).

The project has three main target groups: the first is the EPSU and CEMR affiliates and delegates, the second group is composed by the all EPSU and CEMR affiliates and networks. The third target group, composed by other stakeholders, European Institutions and the wider public, will be reached indirectly, via the dissemination and networking event.

  1. Purpose of the contract

The main aim of this contract is:

  • to organize and record the webinar. Produce and integrate into the recording subtitles in English and a short report of the webinar;
  • produce three background notes of the national workshops and integrate them after the meetings with short notes of discussions and conclusions;
  • produce three educational and interactive dissemination videos with subtitles.
  1. Tasks to be performed by the Contractor

The contractor would be present and active in the webinar and in each of the national seminars throughout the duration of the project.

For the webinar, the contractor will:

  • Organise and manage all technical and logistic aspects, including providing access to the hosting platform
  • Record, produce subtitles (English) and deliver a subtitled video for upload on the web
  • Produce a short written report of the webinar.

For the national seminars, he/she will prepare a background document for each seminar, which includes well-documented research and good examples. The background document should:

  • Outline each workshop theme by providing a good background to the theme in relation to local and regional government administration and services;
  • Gather evidence regarding the various challenges being faced under each theme by local and regional government;
  • Highlight initiatives which are being already implemented, specifically through Social Dialogue, in addressing these challenges and show the benefits of these approaches;
  • Analyse problems / gaps which the Social Dialogue has not yet addressed under these themes, but could provide good actions for follow-up of this project within the Social Dialogue Committee.

The contractor would then maintain discussions with the steering group for the project before and after each seminar, and further develop the papers according to discussions held during the seminar and develop three videos (including video scripts in liaison with EPSU and CEMR)

Each video will be:

  • Length:up to 5 minutes
  • Based on the topic of the seminar, include the topic of the guidelines, the discussion held and (where possible) some examples
  • Be accompanied by subtitles in English. EPSU will translate the subtitles in seven languages. The contractor will have to upload the subtitles in the different languages into videos
  • Provided in a format compatible for the upload on the web.

A steering group composed by EPSU and CEMR secretariats and elected chairs of the Social Dialogue Committee of the local and regional government administration will oversee the project and assist the contractor.

Expertise required

The contractor will need to demonstrate expertise

  • Experience of working with trade unions and employers organisations, at European, national and/or local level;
  • Capacity to work in a multilingual setting and to collect information and produce concise and precise content from a variety of multilingual inputs;
  • Experience in organising webinars
  • Experience in producing short communication and dissemination videos and scripts in English directed to wide audiences on political and/or complex topics,
  • Knowledge of graphic design, visual identity creation and subtitles insertion ;
  • Experience of working with strict deadline and multiple project partners.


The aim will be to appoint the contractor by April 2020.


The maximum funding for this work is EUR 41.000 (all taxes and charges included).

Selection criteria:

The contractor(s) will be selected on the basis of the clear evidence they provide of how they meet the criteria listed under expertise required (above).

Award criteria

The contract will be awarded on the basis of the contractor that submits the bid demonstrating the best value for money taking into account all the selection criteria and no award will be made if the bidders fail to achieve at least 4 out of 6 criteria in the evaluation of the bids against the selection criteria.

Content and presentation of the bids

The bids should set out clearly under specific headings showing how the contractor meets each of the six selection criteria. The bids should be submitted to EPSU ( by 26 March 2020.

With the support of the European Commission

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