Call for Nominations (8)

EPSU Congress Circular No. 8 (EN - FR - DE - ES - SV - RU)

14 December 2018

10th EPSU Congress -  Fighting for A future for All

4-7 June 2019, Dublin


(letter and appendices being translated)

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached (in Appendix I) excerpts from the EPSU Constitution regarding the composition of the EPSU Statutory Committees:

  1. EPSU Executive Committee
  2. EPSU Standing Committees
  3. EPSU Women and Gender Equality Committee

We herewith call for your nominations to these Committees.

GENDER BALANCE: The preamble to the EPSU Constitution states that equal opportunities principles are to be pursued in the policies and structures of the EPSU. Paragraph 3.4 makes the promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities and treatment for all part of our shared values. Please take this into account when making nominations.

FUNCTIONING OF THE COMMITTEES: The standing orders for the Committees are set out in the appendices III and V of the Constitution.

The EPSU Executive Committee stressed in its meeting in November that those nominated to be members of a committee engage to contribute actively to EPSU’s work and promote the interests and policies of EPSU and the good functioning of the committees. Especially given the many challenges workers and our unions will face these coming years active participation is needed.

Please fill in and return the attached nomination form (Appendix II) to:

Catherine Boeckx ([email protected]) by 29 March 2019 at the very latest.

The EPSU Congress will be asked to endorse the nominations to the Executive Committee

All pertinent Congress information can be found on the EPSU website at

Yours sincerely, Jan Willem Goudriaan

EPSU General Secretary


  • Appendix I Call for Nominations  (EN - FR - DE - ES - SV - RU)

  • Appendix II Nomination form (EN - FR - DE - ES - SV - RU)

  • EPSU Congress Circular No. 8 (EN - FR - DE - ES - SV - RU)