The Bureau of Gas de France, 1 March, Brussels

The enlarged bureau of the EWC of Gas de France had a first discussion with representatives of the Belgian unions and the European Federations on the proposed merger between Suez and Gas de France. Information was exchanged on the possible consequences of the merger especially in France but also other countries. French trade union representatives expressed opposition to the project which betrays commitments made to them by the government to keep 70% of the company in public ownership. Many questions remain. Other issues raised were the complete lack of social commitments and a clear industrial project backed by necessary investments. All agree that the internal market for electricity and gas does not work. Europe needs an energy policy that concentrates on cooperation and meeting the future challenges. We do not need a wave of mergers and take-overs that direct funds away from investment. EPSU was represented by the Deputy General Secretary. For more information on the proposed merger: