Belgian workers mobilise for better conditions in Early Childhood Education and Care

24 April 2024, Brussels, Early Childhood Education and Care demonstration

(29 April 2024) On 24 April Belgian Early Childhood Education and Workers mobilised in Brussels raising awareness of the continued poor pay and working conditions of Belgian Early Childhood Education and Care workers.

And with a similar action taking place last week when we saw a day of mobilization promoted by FP CGIL in Italy, clearly the sector problems are endemic across Europe.

Colleagues from CNE / SETCA / CGSP / VCSCSP / CGSLB / SLFP joined in a mobilisation that included demands for more staff (improved staff to child ratios), better pay and working conditions, improved career paths and recognition and respect for an important job in society.

ECEC workers are exhausted, marginalised and undervalued.

In order to make early childhood care and educational work attractive again it is imperative to improve working conditions immediately. 

The long-term critical importance of quality ECEC in shaping future success and wellbeing of children must continue to be highlighted.

Measures in recent years for the children's sector are totally inadequate.

It is time the government took decisive steps towards improving the conditions in a sector which will have long term economic effects for years to come.