Belgian trade unions on the streets to support Social Rights First in the EU

Demonstration Brussels 8 November 2017 Social Rights First

(9 November 2017) Thousands of trade unionists joined in a colourful demonstration to demand governments take the EU pillar of social rights serious. Workers want an EU of progress in which better pay and conditions, good jobs and quality public services for all are the priority. They made clear workers have had enough of an EU that favours the bosses, the multinational companies and we now need public investment in our care services, education, administration and social protection. The unions organized the demo as part of the ETUC Campaign Social Rights First. During the next days leading up to the Gothenburg Social Summit 17 November unions across Europe will make their voice heard. It is time for a change of course in Europe. EPSU staff joined the demo which saw over 6500 people walking the streets in Brussels, 8 November.

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