Belgian General Strike 15 December 2014 - EPSU expresses solidarity

(11 December 2014) All EPSU affiliates will engage in a general strike against the austerity policies announced by the Federal government, 15 December. The country will come to a halt as workers protest wage freeze, attacks on pension entitlements and the right to strike, cuts in public services and many more. The national general strike follows the large national demonstration 6 November in which also EPSU staff participated. Three regional strikes took place 24 November, 1 and on 8 December which involved the Brussels and Brabant regions. The EPSU General Secretary met with striking workers in Leuven and visited several pickets. He will participate in Antwerp on the 15th. EPSU has sent a message of solidarity to the Belgian unions.
{{EPSU staff supporting general strike in Belgium}}
(16 December 2014) With airports, railways, public transport, harbours, industry, banks, hospitals, schools, childcare and more affected by the national strike in Belgium, EPSU staff particpated in various pickets to show solidarity. We were present at the protests in front of the regional government, joined by European colleagues for the local government social dialogue and at a hospital in Brussels. The EPSU General Secretary joined a strike post which blocked the largest locks in the world in Antwerp. Several unions sent messages of support to the Belgian unions. The day was a big success for the unions which will now evaluate the results while discussions with the government and employer start to find alternatives and changes in the proposals of the government. Our colleagues of CGSP/ACOD and other unions have announced that further strike action is possible in the future.

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