Baltic and Ukrainian unions concerned about building new nuclear power station in Lithuania

(15 January 2008) The Lithuanian government is planning to build a new nuclear power station. Under pressure of rich businessmen it is considering to change the nuclear law which would allow private sector investors to take over the Lithuanian energy sector. The Lithuanian confederations have issued a joint declaration to warn about the situation for the public to the government and the Lithuanian parliament. The unions also organised a picket for the Semjus, the Lithuanian parliament, 15 January 2008. The energy trade unions in Lithuania, Baltic area and Ukraine also raised concerns and the risks for security and public health if a private investor gets involved who is more concerned about profits and the price of its shares. The private investor NDX Energija (owner of the regional distribution company VST and linked to the supermarket chain VP market) pursues an anti-trade union policy. The EPSU Deputy General Secretary: "We have no confidence in companies which do not respect the voice of workers and do not discuss and negotiate with the trade union. They will hide failures and endanger workers and public safety. That is of grave concern to us especially in the nuclear sector. Statement of the energy trade unions as adopted by the constituency, 15 January 2008

Statement of the confederations