Austerity is back on the table!

Austerity is back on the table banner EPSU

(Press Release, Brussels, 23 april 2024) Today the European Parliament voted in favour of 'new fiscal rules'. These rules mean that EU Member States will need to cut their budgets by over 100 billion Euro a year from 2025 or raise the equivalent amount by their own resources.

Jan Willem Goudriaan, EPSU General Secretary: "Today is a sad day for the EU. The global pandemic showed the key role that public services like health and care play in our societies - and the long-term damage of austerity measures. Today’s vote sends us back to square one with these 'new fiscal rules'.

These measures mean that many countries will have to cut the number of nurses, firefighters, care workers, tax inspectors and more while the public services are already suffering from staff shortages.

Austerity did not work as a cure during the financial and economic crisis – rather, it threw many countries into recession and created shockwaves that Europe is still reeling from.
We haven't learnt anything. 

Europe needs more public funding and investment in public services to safeguard the rights laid out in the European Pillar of Social Rights - like the right to health. All major polls show that these are the things that Europeans care about. And yet, the majority in the European Parliament has opted to follow the wrong path of programmed and coordinated austerity."

EPSU will continue its resistance and work to present the evidence of the negative impact of austerity. We advocate for fair taxation to adequately resource our public services.

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