Annual Growth Survey subject of discussion in Macro-Economic Dialogue

(28 January 2011) To prepare the Spring political level macro-economic dialogue meeting, the technical group met 26 January 2011. The meeting revolved around two issues: assessing the macro-economic situation in Europe and considering the recent proposals on the [annual growth survey->] of the European Commission. Commission - [autumn forecast->] referring to recent developments such as consumer confidence and other economic indicators Commission – Annual Growth Survey The dialogue brings together delegations of ETUC, BusinessEurope, CEEP and UEAPME, the European Commission (DG Economy and Monetary Affairs, DG Employment, the ECB and Member States (Presidency) , Employment Committee and Economic Policy Committee. It prepares for the high level dialogue which will take place 9 February 2011. EPSU’s Deputy General Secretary participated in the ETUC delegation. A previous report on the work of the group is available [here->]. It includes a number of links. The Council of Ministers of the FInance discussed the Annual Growth Survey at [their meeting 18 January->]