Amnesty International and EPSU organize a joint online conference on human rights violations of health and social care workers

Amnesty International and EPSU joint seminar 28 October 2020

(10 November 2020) On 28 October, Amnesty International and EPSU joined forces for an online event to discuss the human rights violations of health and social care workers during COVID-19.  Around 200 participants from all over the world joined on zoom and facebook.

A recent  Amnesty International report has drawn a shocking conclusion:  “Exposed, Silenced, Attacked” and recent follow up research to it reveals that at least 7,000 health workers have died around the world after contracting COVID-19. For others, the immense pressure of lacking protective equipment and a lack of preparation and protocols have led to exhaustion, anxiety and depression.

Following a presentation on the key findings of this report by Stephen Cockburn, we discussed what governments  must do to comply with their human rights obligations and to adequately protect the rights of healthcare and essential workers. Hanushe Liabjani from the Kosovo Federation of Health Union presented the situation in hospitals in Kosovo during the pandemic and the actions of her union to support workers struggling with lacking preparation of the health care sector. Marta Mendiola from Amnesty International gave a picture from Spain, where chronic underinvestment in the health and care sector left workers and patients exposed.

Find the recording of the webinar here

See the report by Amnesty International here