Alter-Summit – Building a movement for a social and democratic Europe

(7 June 2013) Thousands of people from all over Europe will be gathering for the Alter-Summit in Athens, 7-8 June 2013. The Alter-Summit will say {{ {No to Austerity} }}. It will discuss and present alternatives to the current European policies that have such a disastrous impact on working men and women, our families and communities. {{For the press release of the Alter-Summit (EN) (FR) see below.}} The Alter-Summit is organized together with the Greek social movement and supported by a broad range of organisations, trade unions, social movements and political and cultural personalities across Europe. Also EPSU supports the process of the Alter-Summit. Together we will show our solidarity with the Greek workers and citizens that face such hardship because of the policies imposed. The continued struggle of the Greek unions and social movements is symbolic for the actions and resistance of unions across Europe. [The Alter-Summit->] is a step in a process of building solidarity across Europe. All participants and organisations are united in the common goal for a democratic and social Europe. EPSU’s Deputy General Secretary will be one of the speakers and say: {Stop cuts in public spending, social protection and wages. They are unfair, they increase unemployment, inequalities and poverty and they worsen recession. Stop competition on wage and working conditions. We do not want an EU that is a free trade zone. We want the EU that aims at full employment, and economic and social progress. We demand Tax Justice. EPSU has started a campaign to get the 1 trillion Euros back that is lost every single year due to tax evasion, tax avoidance and tax fraud. That is the money we need for investment in public infrastructure, to address poverty and youth unemployment. Europe needs fair and progressive taxation. We need well resourced and qualified workers to do this. We want a Europe that invests in sustainable growth and employment. We want rights for all, an end to poverty and precariousness and a basic income. We want a European Union that promotes fair wages and collective bargaining at all levels.} EPSU will also participate in the assemblies and in particular {“Defending the commons: A key (struggle) for change}” which will discuss the role of public services and highlight the success of the [European Citizens Initiative for Water as a Human Right->]. Several EPSU affiliates and ETUC members will participate in the event. For more information: [>]